Friday, 6 April 2018

Plotting the planting!

I did a bit more digging yesterday, before a middle of the day chiro appointment - which was good timing! Even though there'd been a lot of rain and the digging was easier I'm still feeling my exertions (in both expected and unexpected places), so quietly pondering is today's plan.

My girls are 25 and almost 23 now but when we were all (quite a lot) younger, a favourite TV show was "the gardening man" aka Pete Cundall from Gardening Australia. 

We dabbled in those days, growing a few herbs and cherry tomatoes in large pots on a deck.  The girls made beaded garlands that hung on a lattice fence behind the pots and we had a lot of fake frogs.  It was a cheerful place and I used to often make frittata using fresh herbs and our home-grown tomatoes, eaten on the same deck. 

A couple of long-held gardening magazines (featuring "the gardening man") survived the Great Cull of 2015 and I flicked through them this morning, while sipping lovely home-grown herbal tea and pondering my next missions.  One of our young blue-faced honeyeaters visited briefly and it was very pleasant sitting in the sunshine.

Back in Victoria, Nick built raised garden beds and we purchased premium soil to fill them.  I'm looking at a more basic approach this time, for several reasons.  Expense is a factor but we are still renting, so aren't keen to dismantle too much in the event of needing to move again.  (We packed the previous garden components into our shipping container and Nick recently used that wood to construct two nifty work benches).

After consulting my magazines and a couple of gardening books from the library, I'll make a quick trip to Bunnings this afternoon for bagged compost and organic fertiliser.  I should be able to get what I want for under $15.00 - significantly cheaper than premium soil mix!  I'm encouraged by the worms discovered when digging and hopeful of some growing success, even with my budget approach. Fingers crossed!

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