Monday, 9 April 2018

In the gno(me)?!

On Saturday, I spoke of my plan for more plant markers that were more interesting.

When Vaughan was a much younger fellow, he scored a pocket knife from a geocache. It became one of his prized possessions - to extent that he smuggled it to school for show and tell!  (He's always been good value, that lad)! 

At home he used it to carefully carve long spirals around various small twigs. (I've kept some of his pieces from that time).

Given that history I thought he'd be keen to assist crafting my plant markers. Nup. It's fair to say he was decidedly not interested when I originally floated the idea, even when I showed him examples and pointed out that whittling would be necessary.

I was therefore quite surprised when he woke me from a nap on Saturday afternoon, to show his first effort - and invite me to make more with him.  We sat together on the back verandah, chatting a bit while crafting our gnomes.  It was a pleasant activity.

We made ten over the weekend, using a variety of wood, some collected from the backyard and others while walking. 

Our gnomes are a variation of some spotted on the 'net. Vaughan made most. I did three. My output has now slowed cos the whittling has resulted in a sore forearm. I'm fine to paint though!

Once the gnomes are finished, I'll give them a couple of coats of sealer - and then stick them in the garden(s)!


  1. They look great, well done! I might have to steal *ahem* borrow your idea, my markers made from popsicle sticks are rather unadventurous!
    Fiona xx

  2. Thanks, Fiona! The popsicle sticks are obviously a good, easy standby - and in their favour, no RSI necessary. Our advice would be to pace yourself with the gnomes and they really only need a *tiny* amount of paint. Look forward to seeing your guys/gals! xx