Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Cheap plot(s)!

Not long after we arrived at our new home, we bought a cheap bird bath. Watching our frequent visitors is a lot of fun as we sit on the back verandah. We hadn't done much else to the yard though - till very recently when I decided to grow some herbs in pots. 

I started with rosemary cos I like to use it when roasting lamb. Parsley, sage, thyme, more rosemary (it was in a bargain mixed pot), oregano and some basil came next.

Coriander and a punnet of tea herbs were purchased later, along with a single globe zucchini plant.

I've had a couple of casualties.  I wasn't sad when the bonus basil died because the spare is still hanging in.  It's fair to say I was a bit pleased when the chamomile passed away.  (It was included with the tea herbs and isn't my favourite).

I was less impressed that the zucchini keeled over cos I was looking forward to seeing it develop globe fruit.

My Victorian gardening wasn't a huge success.  Lack of outside taps and limited water hindered any progress, as did my lack of knowledge.  The cold/variable climate, escapee cow, inquisitive chookies and resident rabbits also hampered my efforts.

Based on that past experience, I hesitated to expand my "garden" beyond the back verandah.  However, digging a patch in the yard is cheaper than buying more pots and potting mix - so I'm broadening my scope.

I'm not keen to acquire more seedlings though, so hunted in the garage and rediscovered a large box of seeds.  Some have passed their best before date but after last night's internet research I've decided to try them anyway.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained eh?!

The tenants prior to us left behind a small "compost" heap.  Soon after our arrival it sprouted a pumpkin vine and a tomato plant, in spite of various non-organic matter being incorporated in the pile.  I cleared some bones and plastic rubbish from the area yesterday and planted six zucchini seeds (the last of an opened packet).  Hopefully at least a couple germinate.

I dug a garden bed today during a break in the rain. The soil was soft and I discovered a number of healthy worms as I removed grass and mounded the earth. I'm quite pleased with my work - even if it does look like a grave-site!

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