Monday, 14 September 2015

Tea leaves ...

We were advised yesterday that Tea would be collected this morning - and should be ready to board the truck at 9:00am. 

Nick was on night-shift last night. He had not long returned before we departed again (with me driving and Vaughan organised for his usual school drop-off).

The trip is about 45 minutes and we wanted to allow plenty of time to move Tea from her paddock to the small race yard, so arrived a little after 8:00am.

Although Tea walked up to the first gate quite happily (encouraged by some lucerne hay), it was clear she wanted to dash and dance across the much larger paddock - with Nick and Vaughan in pursuit!

Fortunately she soon tired of the game and walked easily into the yard, when offered a larger portion of hay.

As it happened, the truck didn't arrive till 12:30 and there was plenty of time to spend with our cow prior to her departure.

She seemed happy enough munching the grass and then sucking on a chunky piece of rope - and smooching with Nick while she waited.

The truck driver arrived and seemed a bit bemused when we introduced Tea to him (after our former neighbour introduced us).  Happily our cow was well behaved and boarded the truck a lot more co-operatively than when we put her onto the skinny horsefloat a fortnight ago!

Tea travelled to Shepparton this afternoon.  She'll be sold at the Regional Saleyards tomorrow.  We won't attend the sale.  It's a round trip of about 500 kilometres and we're already feeling a bit drained from today's angst.

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