Sunday, 18 May 2014


We've had a lovely weekend of good food and good times.  We enjoyed some outings and achieved a few missions also. 

I've just finished putting together a small hamper as a thank you gift, which was on my to-do list for this week.

I made a larger basket last year. It was all our produce or items made from home-grown ingredients.

I've "cheated" a bit today as the shortbread is made from purchased flour, sugar and butter!

Not long after moving into Hamby Home(in)stead I drove to a nearby small town and while exploring their shopping centre, I picked up a stack of these presentation boxes - for 10 cents each!  What a bargain!  They are a great size and I've used several so far, stuffed with nicely arranged home-made goodies.  This one has shortbread, a jar of fruity chutney and two packets of fig paste.  We'll deliver our Hamby Hamper tomorrow with a large tub of Paroo honey.

Nick and I were quite broke when we first got together.  "Hamby Hampers" was devised during one of our early Christmases, when we were expected to purchase gifts for a large family gathering.  Back then, I did the labelling with clip art and our home printer.  These days I take advantage of Vistaprint's excellent service (and specials) for more schmick presentation!

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