Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tea's home!

Prior to our extended holiday, we bought a solar electric fence energiser. Although the unit itself worked, it hadn't electrified the full perimeter of the large paddock, adjacent to our house. Nick spent some time this afternoon checking for faults. He found five areas causing issues and fixed them all. Now the electric fence was working properly we could bring Tea home.

Nick, Vaughan and I walked down to where she was. We took a container of pellets as encouragement. Our hefty heifer was very keen to get at that container!

We were equally keen to catch her and lead her home.

There were fun and games in getting out of that paddock, which was bounded by a move-able electric fence.  She was very wary of the fence, so baulked when we lowered it for her to cross.  With some prodding she walked part-way, causing Nick to move from his position where he had been standing on one of the supporting posts.  They both were zapped when the fence sprang back up!

At that stage, Nick called our landlady and received instruction on turning the fence off.  After being zapped, Tea was even more cautious of the fence but once over that obstacle she followed Vaughan easily as he led her home.  I walked behind to ensure she kept moving.

Tea was restored to our large paddock just as the sun was going down.  We are looking forward to her remaining in that paddock and our various belongings staying safe from heifer-harm!

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