Saturday, 10 May 2014

Tea party!

Tea turned one while we were away. We fully intended to make a tea-cake and celebrate her birthday but were caught up socialising. Not to worry. We can have a belated Tea party once she is properly home.

While we were off gallivanting, Tea was having a bit of a holiday too - spending time with the big cows.  She finally learnt about electric fences, so her footloose days are over

At this stage Tea is still in one of the larger paddocks, while we ensure our electric fence is functioning properly.  There's been rain so it should zap hard, which is the idea - but there is an earth along the wire, which needs to be fixed so that Tea doesn't re-learn her old escapee tendencies.

We visited her this afternoon, with a treat of pellets.  She was a bit wary at first but then obviously remembered us, enjoying some neck scratches and smooches from Nick and Vaughan.

When the container was confiscated, she moved over to me and started slurping so hard on my hand that I felt as if she was trying to swallow my arm! 

She was fairly excited - and a lot bigger than she used to be!  I hopped the fence, so Nick could calm her.

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