Tuesday, 6 May 2014


We arrived back at Hamby Home(in)stead around lunchtime, after being away for a little over ten weeks.

There's a fair bit of chaos to deal with - unpacking, the inside mess from our ad-hoc packing prior to a very early morning departure and outside mess due to wind, rain and bigger cows visiting.

I checked on my vegie garden this afternoon and was surprised to see a large(ish) capsicum, some tomato plants and a healthy crop of rainbow chard.  Given how dry everything had been when we left (and how much Tea had chomped), I was only expecting to see bare earth! 

There's obviously been a lot of rain while we've been away.  Nick checked the tank and measured a water depth of 65cm!  We're usually lucky to have about 20cm, if we pump bore water to increase the level.  There's a lot of green grass around too, which we are getting used to as for most of our time away we've been living in the red dust, scrub country!

We've missed the apple and pear crop but the fig tree has lots of fruit and I picked quite a few this afternoon, before the birds got to them.  I'm keen to make more fig paste!


  1. Congrats on your neglected veg! I bet they will taste fantastic.

  2. They're doing so much better than when I was watching over them, Nammo - maybe I should abandon them more often?!