Wednesday, 7 May 2014

First day!

It's been a big day at Hamby Home(in)stead, our first since returning home from our ten weeks away.

Vaughan re-joined his usual school. He looked a bit shell-shocked when we left him.

For the past ten weeks, he's been one of three students - and travelled 70km once a week to join with a slightly larger 12-student school. While we were away his Victorian school had a recruitment drive. There are now 18 in Vaughan's "senior room", and around 14 in the "junior room" - whereas Vaughan was the 21st student when he enrolled last year, with only eight in his class.

Nick and I were a little worried about our boy but by all accounts the Young Master settled very well.

In funny co-incidence, Healthy Harold is set to visit the school next week or the one after - praps the same representative that was staying in the cabin next door at Deniliquin?!

Nick, Erin and I collected a bag of chook food in preparation for the girls' return.  We collected ten weeks worth of mail and looked at the dump shop too. 

I spotted an excellent thing while there.  It has a lot of potential and even better, was a bargain - of course!  It is set to be gifted to me for Mother's Day.  Once I officially receive it, I'll be able to show you!

Erin, Vaughan and I collected Judge Judy and Jo this evening.  They have been secured in the Fox-proof Fowl Fort and we'll check on them in the morning.

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