Monday, 6 January 2014

Get off the grass!

The grass isn't actually greener on the other side of Tea's fence - but she prefers it anyway!  For nearly three weeks in the lead-up to Christmas, she stayed put in her paddock and it was lovely.  It seems though that her good behaviour was just to trick Santa and avoid an electric fence gift. 

These days she is more often out of her paddock than in.  Vaughan has been sharing in the work of leading her back to where she should be, at least several times a day.  It was funny yesterday when he caught her for the second time - and she sat down in the driveway, refusing to budge!  He had squatted down to talk to her, thinking she may be hurt or sick - so was quite surprised when she stood up without issue as soon as I walked behind her! 

Nick fixed one escape point yesterday (after his elaborate re-tensioning efforts late last year).

We all watched her soon afterward, stepping through another low point quite easily.  She's used the same spot a couple of times today, so that area is next on the list to be fixed. 

An electric fence is also on the agenda.  That'll shock her, for sure!

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