Saturday, 25 January 2014

Pilfered Plum Pie!

Pilfered is a strong term but it is good for alliteration! 

There are several fruit trees along the "rambling road" we often use. It seemed some of the fruit had ripened, so we stopped to investigate on Thursday. Small ripe plums fell off into our hands! I sent Vaughan back to the car for a container of some sort and he returned with a plastic bag, albeit a holey one!

We collected quite a few plums (praps a kilo) and brought them home - very chuffed with our efforts!  A few were sampled but although ripe, seemed a little tart. I decided to use them in a simple pie last night. (The recipe is over at lovely Annabel's The Bluebirds are Nesting blog). 

I did try halving the fruit to remove the seeds but ended up with a mangled mess as my plums were quite small!  Instead I cut the fruit from the seeds, which worked well.  I found some home-made vanilla sugar lurking in the pantry, so sprinkled the fruit with that before adding the batter.  It could have used a heavier sprinkling as the end result was similar to rhubarb in tanginess but not at all unpleasant, especially served with custard!  A fantastic freebie!

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