Saturday, 11 January 2014

Nattering about the 'net ...

Hamby Home(in)stead is 9km from the nearest telephone exchange, so unfortunately we are not able to access broadband internet.  Our best option is a Telstra wifi gadget. Our monthly internet bills are nearly three times as much as what we paid before relocating but we now only get 15meg of data, rather than virtually unlimited access.

Once we reach the limit, our service is slowed to 64kps - yes, it's super-sloooooow and very frustrating.  Generally our service is slowed during the third week or so of the month, though in the lead-up to Christmas we had maxed-out much earlier.  Telstra keep inviting us to upgrade but I reckon $110/month is as much as they will get!

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  1. The National Broadband was supposed to fix this problem for country folk, but I don't really understand what is happening with it. IS it going ahead or is the current Govt going to reduce its services? Who knows, but a service that is reduced to 64kps is ridiculous in this day and age. I use iinet and and super happy. Fast enough for me and I never touch my limits. Half the price you pay too. Yes, it is ADSL2, from an old exchange at Wangi. Might be time to surf the net for some alternatives! What do your neighbours use? Have they an alternative?