Friday, 10 January 2014

It's CORN, Vaughan!

It's been a while since I updated our gardening progress.  Although I've picked quite a few bunches of silverbeet and about a handful of beans, I haven't been monitoring all that closely.

Most of the carrots are gone. That's OK. Vaughan's been pulling small, oddly shaped examples to eat raw! He's usually quite vegie-phobic, so I'm pleased he's snacking on them.

I did notice earlier this week that there is one cucumber growing. It looks rather like a deformed sea-slug!  I'm not sure how it will taste but I do smirk when I see it!

Vaughan and I carted a couple of loads of water out to Tea this afternoon.  The task was a bit easier because we now have a hose that can be attached to the laundry sink. Nick later reminded me that I can use it on the garden.  Der!

I called Vaughan out while I was watering - cos there are corn cobs swelling on the stalks! How neat is that?!!  A-maz-ing! I thought the tomatoes had little babies but when I was staking some (with broken arrows!), I found some larger fruit as well.  I'm very happy with that - tis far more successful than any previous vegie gardening endeavour!

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