Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Great Gate!

It was a stinking hot day but Nick was on a mission - to fix the stupid gate I showed you last year!

He used Elmer's winch to pull each of the supporting posts into a more vertical position, and chocked them into place using spare pieces of wood. 

One the main post was upright, the gate regained it's far more useful horizontal position! Of course, it then became more obvious that the chain (like those is on many other gates here) isn't long enough.  It had  been extended with some wire "macramé" - an interesting modification but not particularly effective.  (The same extension method has been used on the property's main front gate and Nick watched it unlatch in the wind, causing the gate to open within moments of him closing it)!

Rather than rely on the chain/wire latch, Nick has rigged a rather nifty rope alternative.  He was well-chuffed with his day's work.  It's a fantastic improvement upon the hay-rope and wishful thinking that was being used previously!

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