Friday, 31 January 2014

Cropped crop!

Vaughan called out to me this evening.  He excitedly reported that two of our tomatoes were red.  A short while afterward he called again to correct himself - as they were orange! 

We've left them there for now.  Hopefully they will be safe from the Houdini/horrible heifer, who is proving to be quite a garden fiend.  She's munched down some of our corn, so the remaining plants are well guarded.  That is, I keep a watchful eye upon them and launch myself out of the house at a great rate of knots if I see/hear her anywhere near the area.  I scared shit out of her the other day.  Literally. 

Those agapanthus I planted back in August had buds and I was looking forward to seeing the flowers.  Nope.  Tea taste-tested them and munched the plants down to about a third of their size.  Between her and the chookies, a lot of my good work was undone.  

What's that saying?  If at first you don't succeed ...  Our cow is very trying, that's for sure! 

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