Tuesday, 18 June 2013


All the wet weather is having the expected impact on Tea's small enclosure and the Fox-proof Fowl Fort (FpFF).  We've been letting our little calf out to roam the house paddock and the chookies have been enjoying some time free-ranging also.

They are a curious bunch though and I've been working on the computer to hear pecking behind me as one of the girls tests the glass!

During one of the wetter periods, they all sought cover under the small sheltered area adjacent our front door - and made themselves quite comfy on our doormat!

I'm sure if we opened the door and stood aside, the girls would be extremely happy to come in.  Tea is more forward and has already tried to walk into the house!

Oscar is not at all keen on visitors.  He tolerates the chooks sitting by the front door but has carried-on loudly when Tea came too close. 

We were all a bit startled by his hissing and growling - and Tea was very surprised when he ran at her.  She stepped back, knocking into a chair and scaring herself but the funniest sight was Oscar donking his head on the glass!

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