Sunday, 16 June 2013

Rounding up the eggs?!

Our chookies have been with us for twelve weeks - and have gifted 161 eggs in that time, which averages just over 13 a week! 

Of course, we don't always get 13 and in fact the weekly numbers have been dropping over the past couple of months, which we expected due to the girls moulting in preparation for the colder weather. 

Their lowest weekly egg tally was five, two weeks ago and we assumed they had done their dash for the season. 

Not so!  For the past fortnight we have received egg tallies in the double-figures.  We aren't sure what impacted on chookie productivity.  They have been enjoying some free-range time most days during that period, which obviously agreed with them.   At the same time as their free-ranging though, Tea has been exploring the house paddock and she takes great delight in sneaking up on the girls and rounding them up -  so our other theory is that all the running about has upped their output!

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