Saturday, 5 September 2015

Final Tally ...

I stopped counting packed boxes about two weeks before our exit date.  It was just too hard to keep track of them, as the pace picked up (and our stress levels increased).

At last tally there were about 90 boxes but I expect a much larger number are actually in the container.

It was easier to keep tabs on the op-shop donation boxes.  That number increased to at least 45.  Quite a few other items were given away via FreeCycle and FaceBook. Of course, we sold what we could but sometimes it was quicker/easier to gift things.  Vaughan's school received many books and various other educational resources.  Our knitting group coordinator was very happy to assist the reduction of Erin's yarn stash!

We've kept our normal rubbish and recycling bins chockers since mid-May.  As well as a free hard rubbish collection, we used our two complimentary tip passes.  Another very full trailer load went to the tip on Sunday, which cost $120.00.  I do hope some of those items make their way into the fabulous tip shop that we often visited.  We'd like to think our stuff might be considered a bargain!

When we packed up our previous home, we housed all our gear in two side-by-side storage units. Those same belongings filled 70 cubic metres of a huge removalist truck.  

Soon after receiving the Notice to Vacate we made a family decision to fit all our possessions into just one storage unit.  I'm not exactly sure of the size comparisons but we packed one 20-foot shipping container with everything we want to keep.  There's currently a bit of overflow that didn't make the packing deadline, so we'll cull that further (as the trailer is set to be sold).  Everything we own is either in the container, trailer, caravan or our cars.  That's it.  A-ma-zing!

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