Tuesday, 1 September 2015

E for Effort (and Exit)!

Sunday and Monday (our exit date) blended together.  We achieved a lot but didn't sleep much, though we did appreciate our caravan beds on Sunday night (or very early Monday morning) - when we finally got into them!

We expected our container to be collected on Monday afternoon but received a message to say the pick-up would occur between 9 and 10am instead.

There was a mad dash to cram as much as possible in the little remaining space - before putting the last two boards in place and locking the doors.

I grabbed a quick group shot for the archives before we dropped Vaughan to school for his excursion.

Our cleaners were due at 8:30am but were delayed so we spotted them driving slowly along the road when we returned from the school run.  I waved them down and they had not long parked when the tilt-tray truck drove down the driveway.  Far out!  That first-off rushing around pretty much set the pace for the rest of the day.  

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