Saturday, 29 August 2015

Van-quishing the packing!

By the end of the day we'd achieved a huge amount.  As well as tagging Tea, the third section of the container was sectioned off.

Given our exit date was just two days away, I (finally) started packing the caravan.

Our summer clothes were stashed under Erin's bed.  I was able to fit lots of stuff in there, which was definitely heartening!

We also pulled up our carpet tiles from inside the house and I took some of them into the van to add more insulation over the green foam mats.

Although we are booked into a caravan park for a few nights after leaving here and there'll be power for a small heater,  I firmly believe the more warmth the better!


  1. Agreed! The warmer the better. I just don't understand snow!!!

    1. I do think the carpet tiles made a difference, though praps all the extra stuff provided insulation also?!