Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tea Tagged!

There was a fair bit of rigmarole involved in readying Tea for sale.

It took a while for Nick to obtain a Property Identification Code, which then enabled him to purchase an ear tag and the tag applicator.

Seemingly it doesn't matter if you have one cow for sale or a much larger herd, the process is the same.

Once the tag arrived (with applicator), we needed to "apply" the tag to our cow's ear. Yep, no-one was keen to take on that mission.

There was a diagram with some  basic instructions to detail the correct method of application.

The theory was simple but we doubted Tea would just stand still for her ear piercing - and we were right!

Armed with a large bowl of apple pieces, we set about tagging the cow. Thankfully, the process went far more smoothly than expected, though we were pleased of Nick's excellent rope-tying - and his forethought in wedging Tea between the gate and the fence!

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