Thursday, 13 August 2015


I became very ill in the early hours of yesterday and spent the day in bed. My family checked on me often - from a distance! I'm up today but not necessarily at my best.

Recovery aside Nick had planned to shift our stump table, so a group effort was definitely required.

Over the years our various removalists have eyed off "stumpy" warily but he's more awkward than heavy - probably weighing in at a bit over 200kg, which is less than one might expect. The new dolly is rated to 450kg, so was well up to task.

It took the three of us to manoeuvre the stump table onto the dolly. In truth Nick did the hard work.  Erin and I held the wheeled base still.

Once on wheels, shifting the big tree stump was easier, accomplished with good humour and Bandit's barking! It's a great start. If the three of us can manouevre that, we are doing well - particularly in my low-energy state. "Stumpy" is a daunting piece of furniture, so he is a good one to start with to move (hah!) our motivation along!


  1. That is one spectacular table! Is it a Hamby original? Fiona

    1. Thanks, Fiona - not our handiwork but close. My Dad was the craftsman, so it's a unique piece in many ways and definitely deserves to be packed first!