Wednesday, 19 August 2015


It's 14 weeks since we received the Notice to Vacate - and there are just 12 days left before our exit date.  We've worked very hard these past few months.


Chucking stuff.
Donating stuff.
Gifting stuff.
Selling stuff.

Too.  Much.  Stuff.

Our op-shop donation box tally rose to 40 this week.  (And yes, there's yet another box being filled by the front door).

Polly visited yesterday to collect the remaining vegie garden soil.  We were chatting about culling.  She asked what was in all the boxes.

This is what I can remember: beads, bed linen, board games, books, bottles, buttons, cake tins, (blank) canvases, CDs, clothes, cookie cutters, cosmetics, craft supplies, crockery, cutlery, DVDs, facial steamer, fabric (quite a lot of fabric), framed prints, glassware, handbags, light fittings, magazines, puzzles, sewing patterns, shoes, shoe laces, shoe racks, serving dishes, stationery, toys, utensils, wool (Erin estimates about five garbage bags), zippers ... and much, much more.

Close to 40 larger items have been sold or given away.  We've found appreciative new homes for the caravan gas stove, the old van door, a filing cabinet, a 44-gallon drum, a mattress, Nick's archery target ... the list goes on.  (Five pair of prescription glasses are set for delivery to one of the local optometrists, so they can be utilised by patients in developing countries).

You'd think there'd be nothing left.  Er, no.  Not yet.  The house is definitely emptier but there is still a fair bit to sort, cull and/or pack.  I keep hoping that very soon there'll be next to nothing left!

Nick moved more furniture into the container today.  Two tallboys from our room and a filing cabinet.  He and I have moved some clothes into large duffle bags.  Our camping fridge stands are being used as impromptu luggage stands.

My plan is to pack our summer gear into cheap zipped storage bags, then stash them under Erin's bed in the caravan.  I'm starting to ponder what else could go into the van - and how it might fit!


  1. You truly have achieved greatness!!!! I cant believe how many people will benefit from your gifts to the local charity shops! Great stuff !!!

    1. Thanks, Nammo - we have tried to find as many good homes for (living and non-living) things as possible but after so many weeks my motivation is definitely waning!