Friday, 7 August 2015

Nick's dolly!

We bought Nick a dolly today! As you can see, he likes it - a lot!

Last time we moved (in 2012), we bought a red trolley.  Between it and the blue dolly, moving furniture into our "new" container should be easy peasy!

That's right, we'll be packing the container ourselves.  I was somewhat daunted by this news initially but after pondering the logistics for a while I'm more comfortable with the idea.  Sort of!

Seemingly there are YouTube videos giving instructions in container packing!  How hard can it be?!  Heavy stuff on the bottom ...

Norm gave us a few pointers on packing yesterday.  After stopping at Bunnings this morning (and enjoying an early sausage sizzle) we ventured further to buy a roll of packing felt.

The felt is now safely stashed in the container.  It will probably be cut into more useable lengths before being put into service to protect various furniture while being transported/stored.

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