Monday, 24 August 2015

Misc-ing in action!

Next Monday is our exit date.  There is lots of chaos at the moment. I've lost track of how many boxes have been packed.  I do know "misc" has been used often in the labelling!

Our old caravan door was collected on Saturday.  Tanya mentioned that when she moves, her boxes have detailed index cards taped to the top, fully describing the contents within!

As you can see, every space is being utilised. The wardrobe marks the end of the container's third division.  It's not yet ready to be sectioned off, which is just as well cos there's quite a lot left to pack.

I'm using our dining table as a packing area. It needs to be cleared -very soon!  A bookcase is also set for inclusion in this current section. Fortunately, it's almost empty.  Almost!

Our fridge will be in the fourth/final division. (We'll use our Engels while in transit).  It's the last of the big things.  Fingers crossed all our magnificent culling pays off and everything we want to take will actually fit in the space available!

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