Tuesday, 11 August 2015

It felt good ...

I culled more stuff over the weekend.  Lots of bottles and jars were given away.  (I'd been saving them for jam and relish-making - as well as packaging for our home-made gifts).

Given we'll be in transit for a while, there didn't seem much point carting all that glass with us.

A lady will collect the tall pasta jars tomorrow. She wants them for storing goat milk and offered a sample of goat cheese as a thank you!

I gave away my fire-pit, too. We've had some fun use from it and I'm sure it's new owners will enjoy many good times also. (They're the same couple who bought several boxes of 4WD magazines a while ago).

I'd offered our vegie bed soil to Polly and she was able to collect her first trailer-load on Sunday.  She very kindly took a swag of extra gardening stuff, too - for herself and to share among other community projects.

Nick and I started cutting our packing felt today. It's 1800mm wide and we've cut five squares so far - before remembering Erin has a pair of battery-operated scissors!

Now she's home, the scissors are found. I'm hoping they make the felt-cutting job easier!

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