Thursday, 6 August 2015

Containing our excitement?!

Today was busy and we achieved a lot. The former Fox-proof Fowl Fort was delivered to a private animal rescue shelter in the morning.

Deb greatly appreciated our help and we are very happy the fence is being put to good use.

Nick had cleared out the hire container earlier in the week.  How good is that?!  MT as Super Hubert would say.  (As an aside, Super Hubert used to perform at the Newcastle Show many years ago)!

We bought a shipping container on Tuesday night.  The hired one had made one trip from England before being delivered to us.  We couldn't afford the same level of quality but ours is guaranteed water-tight and vermin-proof - which is all we need.

Norm rang after lunch to give me two lots of good news - firstly that he was on the way with our container and secondly that he was the same truck booked to collect the hired container!

We tidied the vegie garden a bit while we waited.  All kinds of things have sprouted after the rain and Tea enjoyed a feast of unidentified greens!

It's 12 weeks since we received the Notice to Vacate.  It was a shock initially but we rallied and started scheming to make the move one that benefited us as a family.

Dramatically reducing our possessions is a significant part of the plan and we are well on track to achieving that aim.  We've now donated 37 boxes to local op-shops and increased our packed tally to 53!

Lots has happened behind the scenes in the past week or so.

Most importantly Erin's van was collected - and we received a bonus jar of home-made relish from the lovely new owners!  We waved them off last Thursday.  The van is set to become extra accommodation on their property, about 55km North of here.  (The caravan cash funded our container purchase, so that was a nifty swap-over).

We hand the keys back at the end of the month.  Our Plan A stalled during the week.  Rather than lock ourselves into another rental lease we are opting to live in transit for a little while.  Plan B is to pack the container with all that hasn't been culled and book a couple of nights in a caravan park after leaving here.  

I created a Mindahome profile during the weekend and we already have a preliminary house-sitting booking from 2 to 30 September.  All is clicking into place nicely at this stage, so fingers crossed for our next adventures!