Friday, 14 August 2015

Close to our chest ...

We've moved often, so are experienced packers - of boxes!  When you think about it though, a shipping container is just a box on a much, much larger scale?!

Nick started organising the end section of the container this morning while Erin and I were out. When we returned, he enlisted our aid to shift a large chest. Once (almost) in place, the chest was filled with many "fragile" boxes.

The chest is quite heavy even when empty, so required concentrated effort to shove into it's designated corner.  It's tucked in nicely now, using one of the felt pieces we cut.

You can't tell from the photos but various boxes are packed around the base of "Stumpy".  He's the protector of them all!

Several smaller cupboards will be packed into the same end section.  I'm thinking some more "fragile" boxes might be stashed within one of them.  I've been packing our everyday mugs and glassware this afternoon.  Hopefully the box I've chosen will fit nicely onto it's intended shelf!  We all have our favourite mugs but I've decided much of our other everyday crockery can be donated and we'll pick up replacements when we are settled again.  In the meantime we'll be using our camping or caravanning kit.

We donated another box today, bringing the op-shop tally to 38.  Erin re-organised her packing and was able to dispense with two boxes but I packed three, so the current score is 58 packed!  It's trickier to keep track of our other donations but the process of re-homing particular items is a pleasant diversion from packing.  When in NSW we were emergency WIRES carers.  There wasn't really a Victorian equivalent, so we've donated some of our surplus gear to the Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network, where it is set to be used by a possum carer!


  1. God to see Bandit giving a hand, well paw, really!

    1. He's either worried about being packed - or getting left behind!