Monday, 13 July 2015

Wanted - Happy New Home!

We've been doing some excellent culling these past two months but there are some missions that are trickier than others.  I've been putting off this one.  Since we moved the girls to new quarters in June, we can hear them from the house and it's nice to listen to their chatter.

Our original four chooks were one of our first acquisitions when we moved here.  Judge Judy is still with us and was joined by Mrs Floosit, Pooh II, Shadow and Obsidian last year.

Those five were all getting along quite nicely until Nagambie came along and I needed to gently dispense some chook discipline!

The girls are all friends now and we are still getting a few eggs in spite of the cold.

One of our very early purchases for the chooks was their Fox-proof Fowl Fort - and that is something we now need to sell off, preferably sooner rather than later.  It will be advertised as soon as the girls are established in their new home, wherever that may be.

I started advertising the girls today.  There was a small community noticeboard where I did my shopping and I wrote a quick card after paying for my groceries.  Vaughan's school has a noticeboard and I have permission to display a flyer there.  I'll print a few extra copies to pin up when we are out and about.  Wish us (and the girls) luck!

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