Friday, 17 July 2015

Ticking boxes?!

Chaos reigns at the moment.  I'm trying to contain it but moving is a messy business - and we haven't got to the actual moving yet!  I'm still culling those foam boxes.  Many more have been emptied.  Hooray!

I offered the empty boxes on FaceBook buy, swap, sell pages and one guy collected three today which put a small dent in our stash.

Hopefully there will be a rush of interest in foam boxes over the week-end.  In the meantime Bandit is benefiting from the extra insulation around his sleeping chair!  As well as foam boxes, we've been given lots of lovely packing boxes.  They need temporary homes too and there are only so many that can be stashed behind Bandit's chair.  Consequently, Bandit isn't the only one feeling boxed in!

Our op-shop tally rose to 33 boxes today.  I've set up one of our camping tables near the front door.  There is usually at least one box on the table, gathering donations. The stacked baskets are home to packing tape "guns", extra packing tape, permanent markers and the like.  One tray holds bits to offer to Vaughan's school and other items awaiting MIA parts.  (The library books are on the table too, contained in a shallow tray - hoping to elude packing)!

It's a basic system but it's working successfully.  The camping table was only put into use this week, after I sold off the previous IKEA storage unit!

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