Sunday, 12 July 2015

Packing and stacking ...

It's been a little over a month since my last entry.  We've achieved a lot since then - but there's still a lot to do!

Fortunately there are 50 days left before our final exit date and we are making good progress, particularly as we've taken a bit of a break these past two weeks due to school holidays and playing as a family of five and six!

We thoroughly enjoyed unexpected "bonus" visits from Nissa and Tanya, so wanted to make the most of our time together - hence packing and culling were put on hold for a while.

Erin has now moved into the house and is very appreciative of the warmer quarters.  Her caravan was pretty cold, so quite a lot of extra bedding is being packed away!  Once the van is fully cleared, it will be listed for sale.

There are plans to de-hire our large storage container also.  Even before receiving the Notice to Vacate, we were keen to reduce our belongings - and 30 large items have been sold, given away or disposed of since January (15 of those items were released these past two months).

The container isn't empty but there's a lot more clear space than there was and we'll continue to cull the remainder - working inside the house where the temperature is far more pleasant!  We've started preparing for the influx of more boxes, by stacking our 32 packed keepers into the back built-in wardrobes.  (The wardrobes are not easily accessible, so are good for storage).

As well as those 32 packed boxes, our donated box tally has increased to 26 boxes.  A few things have been FreeCycled. Many smaller items have been sold.  Vaughan's school has also benefited from some of our overflow.   We've had our first hard rubbish collection and the rubbish and recycling bins have been chockers each week/fortnight.  I reckon we are well and truly on track for (at least) a 50% reduction of our worldly goods - hooray for us!

I've found a reference to our moving truck holding 100 cubics in total - and 70 cubic metres of our belongings.  It'll be interesting to compare figures at the end of August, when we move to the next phase of our adventure.  


  1. Congratulations! Your achievements are amazing and worthy of a celebration!

    1. Thanks, Nammo! A shelving unit was collected just now but I'm still waiting for the house to look seriously empty!