Saturday, 18 July 2015

Farewell, feathered friends!

I cried a few happy tears last night when Steven made contact to offer our girls their new home!

He was happy for "the gang" to stay together and promised they would be "very well looked after and much loved". That email made my day, for sure!

Erin and I were up early this morning to prepare the chookies and their coop for departure.

I cleaned the coop, scrubbing the removable parts with some hot water and disinfectant.

Erin, Vaughan and I then used the trolley to wheel the coop around to the driveway - which involved some giggling!

Steven and his young family arrived to collect the girls.  We loaded the coop first then caught the chookies fairly easily, packing them into "Fragile" boxes.

Nagambie, Pooh II and Mrs Floosit travelled in one box.  Judge Judge, Obsidian and Shadow shared the other box.

Steven sent a text message a little while ago to confirm the chookies were settling well into their new home - which is lovely news!

Now the girls are adopted, we'll sell their Fox-proof Fowl Fort (described as twenty temporary fencing panels).  Fingers crossed it will be re-homed just as easily!


  1. Hopefully Steven and his family will have as much fun as you. Remember when Vaughan counted and weighed all the eggs! Perhaps Steven might entice his children to enjoy some secret maths too!

    1. The chookies' new children are a bit younger but still very appreciative of their farm acquisitions - I expect they'll be quite chuffed to collect new-laid eggs!