Sunday, 7 June 2015

New Quarters ...

A lot has happened behind the scenes at Hamby Home(in)stead these past few weeks. 

We've been quite busy - processing the news that our time here is coming to an end and preparing for our next adventure, wherever that may be.

We don't actually know where we're going yet but our destination is secondary to the need to cull, pack and ready ourselves for departure.

Fortunately we are not leaving immediately but even so, there is a lot to achieve - not least the fact that we'll need to sell off Tea and the chookies (as well as their famous FpFF). 

Erin's caravan and probably the big lawn-mower will be sold, as well as various other smaller equipment specifically purchased for life on the farm.

For now though, we are still chook owners - and the girls were well overdue for new quarters.  (They are getting along much better these days, after several weeks of chook discipline)! 

It was fairly cold this afternoon, around 11 degrees.  Praps that helped us move more efficiently because all agree (now that we're inside by the fire) that it was the smoothest shift of the Fort so far!


  1. The girls look contented! Well cared for.

    1. They were very happy to spend some time roaming (under close supervision) and filed into their new quarters without much encouragement. We can now hear them quite clearly from the laundry and bathroom!