Thursday, 19 March 2015

Security screen ...

The "sin bin" received another modification this morning. Nick rigged this plastic mesh (from the tip shop, where else?!) along a rope to increase the height of the dividing fence.

My original thought had been to split the girls into two groups of three - with one of the better behaved black chooks in the bigger area.  They are a bit hard to tell apart though, so both were sent to the "sin bin" last night and my new thought is to keep the current ratio.

Pooh II and Nagambie spent the night together in the original chook house.  They have been fairly close to each other at different points this morning, without any issues.  Hooray!

I'm hoping they'll start to bond over the next week or so and then present a united front to any of the reformed bullies who are reintroduced!

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