Thursday, 12 March 2015

Playing "chicken"?!

Jo died quietly at home in recent times, the third of our original four chooks to pass away.  She hadn't been at her best for quite a while but even so, it was sad to see her go.  (Since her death, we haven't had any soft-shelled eggs).

My nicely co-ordinated chook flock was a bit lopsided after her loss.  Two blacks, two whites and only one brown!

Our landlady called around this afternoon - and handed a brown chook over to Nick.  She'd rescued it from the highway near Nagambie where it was playing "chicken" with the trucks!  Fortunately for this chook (and us), she was rescued before too much harm had occurred.  We quickly introduced her to the rest of the girls in the Fox-proof Fowl Fort. 

Feathers haven't flown but neither was there much of a welcome for our new recruit.  She is smaller than the others and possibly younger but hopefully they'll fully accept her soon - or she won't be feeling all that lucky! 

I've checked with Vaughan and we agree she'll be called Nagambie - so joining Judge Judy, Shadow, Obsidian, Pooh II and Mrs Floosit.

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