Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Chest rub for luck?!

It's almost a week since Nagambie joined our other girls. They still have not warmed to her and it's fair to say she probably doesn't feel very lucky to be here.

We've been keeping her separate or protected during the day and then locking her with the other chooks of a night.

I started researching other solutions last night - and had already decided to buy some generic-brand chest rub today.  When the girls were let out, Pooh II had obviously been pecked overnight. I think she's probably moulting but had "help" to lose so many neck feathers.

It seemed our chook bullies were getting worse, so Erin and I headed into town after dropping Vaughan to school.  We did some quick shopping and returned home, keen to apply the chest-rub and await miraculous results.

My reading suggested the pecking chooks would be put-off by the smell and stop pecking the chest-rubbed birds.  Yes, well - aside from Nagambie and Pooh II looking a bit rockabilly there was no real marked difference to the behaviour of the other chooks toward them.  Sadly.  

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