Saturday, 10 January 2015

Like living in an ... aquarium?!

I have previously mentioned the limited shelter available at Hamby Home(in)stead.  There is a large shaded area adjacent to the house but it is not waterproof, so we struggle a bit in wet weather - keeping us, our firewood and chook-feed etc dry. 

Nick's been thinking of a solution and spoke this morning of acquiring some second-hand roofing iron (or similar). 

We were on our way to the tip shop and once there, I spotted a trolley full of folded and rolled white plastic canvas pieces.  I showed them to Nick and when we investigated further, we found they were large advertising signs. 

On checking the price, we could have the "smaller" pieces for $5.00 each and the larger one for $10.00. 

Initially we thought two smaller signs would work for our undercover area.  As we checked they were intact, Nick mentioned one might be good to provide shade in Tea's paddock.  It also occurred to us that one might make a fabulous screen for our outdoor movies!  In the end we bought the four that were available - for $25.00!

On the way home, we called in at Bunnings to buy some grommets and other fasteners.  Once home, Nick rolled out the fourth sign.  We hadn't checked it before purchase and assumed it was the same size as the smaller two, given it's weight.  It's actually a bit larger, so Nick decided to use half of it on the roof.  The installation is not quite finished but is looking good at this stage!

Cost of project:-  $3.13 for half a sign and $7.50 for fasteners!  Much better than the estimated $200.00 for a more permanent solution, requiring a lot greater effort! 


  1. I seriously hope the google earth camera passes over you before those signs fade. That would be awesome!!!

  2. Nick is thinking we might be able to get some kind of kickback from the aquarium for the advertising, given we are under the flight-path!!