Friday, 23 January 2015

Bags the bags!

I've been saving our feed bags for quite a while, fully intending to convert some into sturdy tote bags.  (I actually started the conversion process of one just before Christmas but was a bit too busy to complete the project).

Our chookies recently swapped to a different brand of feed.  It is the same price but a better quality than what we were using - and has this great image!

I made two bags this afternoon, using these instructions as a guide.  Rather than use bag offcuts for handles, I substituted ANZAC ribbon bought at a liquidation warehouse.  The colours work quite well with the rooster graphic and the fabric will be much nicer to hold.  Their is a slight size difference in the bags but overall I'm pretty impressed with my first efforts.

Why the tags?  Well, these bags are destined for use as laundry bags in our caravan.  I'm hoping my family will separate dark and light items according to the labels - therefore streamlining the washing missions once home again!

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