Saturday, 2 August 2014

Singing the girls praises!

I've watched a fair bit of Play School over the years and lately have "The Egg Song" running in my head when I admire our chookie's efforts.   Do you know "The Egg Song"?! 

"They're round all around and they're bigger on the bottom; Smaller round the top and we're glad we've got 'em!  And they're egg shaped, coz they're eggs. Every bird you ever heard - lays eggs!"

Singing aside, I do like all the colour variations of our recent eggs.  So far, we've accurately identified eggs from Obsidian, Pooh II and Mrs Floosit.  We think the very pale, small egg may be Shadow's but can't be certain!  Pooh II's eggs are large and brown.  (Judge Judy and Jo also lay brown eggs, though theirs don't seem as large as Pooh II's).

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