Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hen-tirely comfortable!

When talking with Madelaine yesterday, I asked why she had chosen her particular breed of chooks. She replied that most people prefer brown eggs.

We were a bit surprised by her answer.  Even though we'd requested white and black girls, it hadn't occurred to us that they could or would lay different coloured eggs!  Of course, we asked what colour eggs we'd get - and it seemed there was a range of possibilities, including creamy pink and brown speckled!

I heard cackling this morning. When I went to investigate, Pooh II was inside the chook house, nestled over a warm brown egg. 

Later in the day I spotted Obsidian making herself quite comfortable in one of the nest boxes. A while afterwards I found a lovely pinkish egg! 

Although Judge Judy and Jo are keeping themselves mostly separate from the Hollyburton girls, there are no squabbles - and it's good to see that two of our new chookies are already feeling comfortable enough to lay.

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