Thursday, 31 July 2014

Blown away?!

It's been very windy here today. Nick and I went into town and I was blown off course when I rounded a corner of the footpath. Not only was I buffeted by the wind - it inflated my plastic shopping bags for added pulling/pushing power!

As we drove home we noted capsized street signs and fences. Our rubbish bins were laying on the ground and as passed the Fox-proof Fowl Fort, we saw that the girls' house was upended! I really hope no-one was inside when that happened!

I righted the house and started putting the nesting box back together where the floor pieces had fallen out.  It seemed a good opportunity for a thorough clean, so I tossed the old straw onto the ground.  The girls enjoyed scratching through and pecking for slaters etc too.  Nick sorted out their water and got some new straw, while I removed the tray-floor (from beneath the roosting area) and scraped the muck into our compost bin. 

The chookies will definitely appreciate their cosy, clean house tonight.  In the past hour the temperature has dropped from an amazing (unheard of?!) 18 degrees to just 8!

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