Monday, 23 June 2014

The foul weather fowl!

I was admiring my windowsill chookies this morning and decided they really needed some offspring. So I made spring chickens - hah! The original trio (two yellow floral and one pale green) were fairly cute but I wasn't entirely satisfied with them. They seemed to be lacking ... something.

We accomplished a few missions in town this afternoon.  Erin had a bag of donations for the op-shop and I looked there for a frame, without success.

The dump shop yielded some good loot - five items for $10.  I only wanted my frame, so reimbursed Erin $2.  Of course, I thought the frame was pretty much the size I needed for Vaughan's chook picture.  It wasn't and the young artist didn't wish his work to be extensively trimmed. 

I asked him to bring out his art folder and we spotted this black chook, which fit the frame better.  You might notice the chook is carrying an umbrella.  I asked Vaughan about it and he said they had done the art at school "after reading some book", though further explanation wasn't forthcoming!  I'll just assume it is foul weather fowl (from Melbourne)!

I put up another hook for the newly framed fowl and then stuck a third hook higher up for the original artwork, still on it's temporary hanger.  I'll measure that picture before setting out again to find a suitable frame!

You can see the $2 frame with it's original print at the bottom of the second collage.  It was a bit grubby and took a lot of encouragement to yield the unwanted contents.  I used a lot of goo remover to clean off the old sticky tape and washed the frame, glass and cord thoroughly.  Nick put some superglue in the joints.  I reckon it's come up wonderfully - and much prefer Vaughan's art to the photographic print it came with!

After framing the black chook, I made another windowsill chick with some brown velvet.  This one has a small comb and is my favourite of today's four, so he'll be staying with the bigger chookies.  I might "hatch" some siblings for him later.

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