Thursday, 19 June 2014

My window views!

You might be wondering at the current window insulation focus. I mentioned the fact that we have big windows here but I can't see (hah!) that I've shared any photos of the kitchen, dining and lounge areas.

As I write this post at 10:00am, it is currently 5 degrees outside.  It was similarly cold last night when we were all listening to stories in the lounge room.

As you can see this end of the house is open-plan with a high raked ceiling.   We use our fire constantly and it puts out wonderful heat but even so it's a big ask for it to fully heat the area, particularly with so many huge windows.

We didn't have any insulation last year, relying only upon the basic (and on some windows, ill-fitting) curtains. As we head further into winter though, the memory of Vaughan and I last year, snuggled on the lounge in our sleeping bag nest, is becoming increasingly clearer!

I haven't tackled that window yet.  It's the largest of all but it's curtains are open during the day and I don't want to block the view by my insulation method. 

I'm also conscious that I may need to use (more) blankets for coverage and their weight might be an issue across the longer width.  Another factor to consider is the volume of condensation that accumulates overnight - Oscar can only consume so much! Therefore there's a good chance whatever I use will become damp (or wet) and needs to be fairly easy to clean at the end of winter.  I'll keep pondering the last window but we've all definitely noticed a marked improvement in temperature since the others have been "dressed"!


  1. Impressed that your efforts have already yielded noticeable results. Nothing worse than feeling cold.

  2. It's definitely made a difference, Nammo - even better twas a budget fix! By using the stash and our DIY efforts, all was managed with only a $5-6 outlay!