Friday, 13 June 2014

Lettuce begin again!

We started our raised garden bed last September with high hopes - and there was some success. 

Vaughan ate many carrots and our corn grew but proved too much temptation for Tea.  Our rainbow chard was one of the best crops and it was still kicking along when we returned from Yowah!

Overall all though, my first foray into vegetable gardening was somewhat disappointing.  It had been difficult to maintain enthusiasm when Tea was such a menace and I pretty much gave up on the exercise.  Now that the horrible heifer has been confined to quarters for well over a month, I'm daring to garden again and decided today was the day to start.  Let's hope Friday the 13th is a lucky day for gardens (and gardeners)!

Armed with the "Home Harvest" publication distributed by our local councils, I rummaged through my box of seed packets and chose according to the annual planting guide on page 43!  I planted peas, lettuce and radish (with Vaughan's assistance). 

I bought a few more seeds from The Reject Shop this afternoon, taking advantage of our family discount - thanks Nissa!  The growing advice on the packets differs from what I remembered of the planting guide information in my booklet (which I left at home), so after much deliberation I purchased broad beans, broccoli, rocket and spinach.  I'll try to plant them tomorrow.

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