Monday, 16 June 2014

Kitchen cover-up!

I slept in yesterday. It's a rarity, so I made the most of the opportunity! Nick worked outside but each time he came back in, he had dragon breath so I didn't venture out. Slack, I know!

Well, slack as far as further seed planting was concerned.  I made soup, focaccia, cheffed proper baked beans and solved my kitchen window issue - so was fairly productive in the scheme of things.

Hamby Home(in)stead has a lot of windows.  Big windows.  They are great for admiring the view.  Not so great for keeping the house warm in winter.  I'm on a mission to create extra insulation behind the curtains, where there are curtains.  When we moved in there were a few bare windows.  I left the kitchen one as it was because I liked looking out.  (You might remember at one stage last year the chookies liked looking in)!  It stayed bare last winter but tis now fixed.

As part of my window insulation research, I discovered the existence of window quilts.  They seemed like a good idea, though required a bit more effort than I was willing to expend.  I did have a piece of pre-quilted fabric though and we purchased curtain rods and the necessary hardware (from the dump shop, of course)!  Nick installed the first curtain rod and was considering the best way of fixing the second. 

I played around with other options last night and discovered that one of the fleece covers I made for our camping air mattresses was just the right length to slide over the curtain rod.  Too easy!  It didn't look all that inspiring but noticeably improved the temperature in the kitchen area. 

Obviously there is a bit of a gap between the bottom of the cover and the window sill.  That's fine as I still want to look out and quite often the dishes stack up fairly high in the dish drainer so a longer curtain (or equivalent) would be in the way. 

I wasn't quite sure how to make the fleece cover more appealing then remembered that bunting is a big thing at the moment, or seems to be according to various craft tutorials.  I decided to make some using materials on hand.  (You might have gathered there is a huge amount of material on hand)!  I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.  Tis important for the kitchen sink to be cheerful!


  1. Love the bunting! You are so talented.

  2. Thanks, Nammo! I'm still admiring it and have remembered a chookie art-work Vaughan did last year, so am working on expanding the theme!