Thursday, 19 December 2013

Watering the cow ...

There are no outside taps at Hamby Home(in)stead, so filling Tea's bath involves a bit of effort.  The taller, white bucket is generally filled in the laundry (at the back of the house) and then carried from there to the front paddock. 

Several trips are necessary.  Carrying water is heavy work, usually Nick's job but he isn't always available. 

I enlisted Vaughan's aid the other day and we loaded the garden trolley with three buckets, filled them and then walked very, very slowly - pulling the cart behind us.  We slopped a little bit of water but even making several trips, it was a much easier job than carrying buckets one at a time.  I introduced Erin to the water cart method today.  She's a covert!

Nick and I spoke to our landlady last week.  She is agreeable to running an irrigation pipe to fill a shared water trough, placed under the fence between the front of Tea's paddock and the larger paddock that is part of the main property.  Nick will need to dig trenches for the pipe and do various other work in preparation.  It won't happen overnight - but it will happen. 

Of course when Tea starts using an alternative water supply, she will no longer require her bath.  I love the roofless bath-houses at Yowah and suggested to Nick we might be able to rig something similar here, albeit even more rustic!

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