Wednesday, 11 December 2013

First harvests ...

I picked a few silverbeet leaves from our garden around the middle of November - and used them together with some home-made labna to make gozleme for lunch one day. 

There hasn't been much action in the garden since, despite my regular checking.  I went out yesterday though and called Vaughan to see how much our plants had grown, after the recent rain!

The silverbeet had really taken off, so I cut a large bunch and used a generous amount in our dinner.  There were many holey leaves, so the chookies dined well on those!

Vaughan was keen to pull a few carrots.  He quite likes their twisted forms and took some in his lunchbox today.  He didn't actually eat them till this afternoon but they must have been good, cos now they are gone!


  1. FINALLY you really are Farmer Hamby!

  2. Yes! It was one thing to collect the apples, figs and mulberries from existing trees - but definitely a bigger sense of achievement when eating something we grew from seed(ling)!