Thursday, 19 December 2013

Another good chook ...

When Chicken Pooh died recently, Vaughan commented that Princess Fiona would miss her as they spent a lot of time together. 

There may have been some truth to Vaughan's observation.  Fiona died today.  It was a hot day, so the heat may have impacted but Erin believes the Princess hasn't been quite herself since Pooh's death. 

Our remaining two chookies, Judge Judy and Jo, were feeling the heat this afternoon.  Erin and Vaughan gave them a shower with a watering can - and then later brought each of the girls in for a bath in the laundry sink.  There was much giggling, splashing and cries of "this isn't working" during the exercise.  It seemed to work though, chooks and chook-handlers were definitely wetter and cooler some short time later!  At the end of their spa, the girls were carried back to their enclosure.  They regarded Erin warily when she later checked on them, no doubt worried they might be hauled in for another bath!

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