Wednesday, 20 November 2013

She was a good chook ...

Our weekend win against Tea's escapism was tempered by the loss of Pooh Chicken.

Nick and I answered Erin's calls of distress on Sunday and found one of our chookies had died - fortunately it was a fox-free natural death, though still a sad event.

Vaughan observed that Princess Fiona would miss Pooh Chicken - because they spent a lot of time with each other.

Monday, 18 November 2013

How now, Ms Cow?!

Tea has been a right royal cow of late. For the past few weeks she has regularly escaped her front paddock and was becoming increasingly adventurous. She even made it onto the road one evening, which obviously caused considerable concern.

We pondered various options before Nick decided on a plan, using materials already on hand. As it happened, he opted for a different method of tensioning the wire at Tea's escape point - as well as repositioning one of the wonky star pickets. We had leftover fencing crimps from our first chook yard, so they were used to fix the wire netting to the now-taut wire strands.

I don't have photos of the work in progress as I had a long nap on Saturday afternoon (after a chiropractic session). When I woke in the early evening, Tea had been re-located to her front paddock - albeit very reluctantly!  Nick and I walked the fenceline on Sunday morning.  It was clear that Tea had tested the boundary but had not been able to breach it.   Hah!   She's still there now, two full days later - a vast improvement on her previous two-hour limit!