Monday, 21 October 2013

The quick brown fox ...

has definitely gotta go!

He's far too brazen and becoming bolder on a daily basis.

Last week, I looked out the front door and he was only a few paces away - no doubt attracted by the smell of my excellent Cobb cooker experiments.

The other morning we walked outside to find rubbish strewn over the driveway.

Our evening story-time was interrupted last night by some odd noises. When Nick went out with the spotlight, he surprised the fox quite close to the house. I managed to take photos near the water tank paddock gate, which are those above.

Seemingly much later in the night/very early morning, Nick went out again to investigate other noises.

Our resident possum had taken refuge on the roof, while the fox stalked him/her from the ground.

The fox has been spotted again just now, prowling around the Fox-proof Fowl Fort! It's an overcast day but even so, tis only 5:30pm!

Nick called out to me out and I was able to snap a few quick shots before Nick loosed an arrow toward the intruder. We weren't happy about the possum being harassed but stalking the chookies is really crossing the line. Hamby Home(in)stead has just declared war on the five o'clock fox!

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